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With our unique methodology you learn to develop powerful and effective messages that will bring immediate benefits to your organization. You will have access to the best communication techniques used by international leaders in politics, business and non-profit organizations.

  • + Services

    For a media-driven and viral digital world

    We design and implement all the press and social media services that your organization needs.

  • + Networking

    To grow alongside your partners

    We help you to establish and maximize relationships with institutions of interest to your organization and to capitalize on those relationships.

  • + Training

    Expert communicator

    We train you to become a successful communicator so you can become more valuable and competitive in what you do.

  • + Impact

    Higher profile, reputation and business volume

    Our services, networking and training translate into a clear measurable benefit for your business or organization.

Gato Communications has contributed to the training of important international financial institutions, multinational organizations and companies during the current economic crisis. Likewise, we
Our consultancy in strategic communication will use all the necessary communication tools to enable you to successfully and efficiently convey your organization's messages. We specialize in the
We provide you with all the services of a Press Office: Communications Plan Press releases Fact sheets Media tracking Press conferences Message crafting and developing Networking Local
Gato Communications’ main office is located in the heart of Washington, DC, the capital of the United States and one of the world’s most important economic and political centers. If you, and your
We give you the key to effective presentations and public speaking.Our training cuts straight to the heart of the matter: how to hook your audience and keep their interest throughout your
At Gato Communications we are experts at creating solid, powerful and effective messages. We then disseminate them successfully to our clients’ audiences. Our company will develop and execute
Does your organization communicate effectively, both internally and externally? Do you put to good use the communication tools available to you? Is there a well-defined communications policy?
Strategic alliances are vital to increase your business’ or organization’s reach and impact at the local, national and international levels. Gato Communications has wide-reaching experience

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"We will never forget what Pablo Gato did for the Tribunal during these historical presidential elections for our country in 2011. His knowledge and experience regarding communications truly made the...
María Eugenia Villagrán,

President of Guatemala's Supreme Electoral Tribunal

" …I don't want to let the opportunity pass to thank you for a communications training that was useful, entertaining and exceedingly useful for our work. I really liked the dynamics of the team work...
Sylvia Marín,

Director, Climate Change for Latin America and the Caribbean – WWF

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