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Andrés Cavelier

Specialist in new and digital media

Andrés Cavelier is a specialist in new media on the Internet and digital communication. He was responsible for the development and implementation in Spanish of The Miami Herald's multimedia department and directed the re-launch of El Nuevo Herald’s web site. He was also content manager for digital media corporation All this experience has made him one of the best international specialists in the multimedia arena. He advises corporations, international organizations and news publications about how to enter the world of digital publications and how to best maximize its capabilities.

Andrés Cavelier has a master’s degree in International Relations and Communications from Boston University and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas. He also spent a year at Harvard University as a Nieman Fellow.

In addition, he is an experienced journalist. During his 18-year long career, he provided extensive coverage of the United States and Latin America, which provided him with unsurpassed political, economic and business contacts throughout the continent. He was Managing Editor at El Nuevo Herald and Washington, DC and New York correspondent for the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, the most influential in Colombia. He also served as Washington, DC bureau chief for Colombian television network RCN Televisión.

Andrés Cavelier has lived in Miami, New York City, Washington, DC, Boston, Los Angeles and Kansas, which has not only given him great knowledge and experience about the US market, but also, particularly the US Hispanic market.

His experience in the world of journalism as well as the business world give him a unique perspective to understand issues related to politics, the economy, business, journalism and the digital technology revolution.

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