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Effective Communication

We will make you an expert communicator to give you a clear advantage over the competition.

We are the Spanish-language international leaders in Effective Communications and Media Training courses. This is our specialty, and we have trained over 2,000 individuals worldwide.

Nowadays, there are many ways to convey a message. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, making more channels available to communicate those messages and to do so faster. Television and radio stations, written media, social media, blogs, etc. However, those outlets are only truly effective if there is a powerful message to share. That is, knowing how to craft powerful and effective messages is the first step to later multiplying their impact through the communications and social media.

Gato Communications will teach you the secrets of how to build an effective and high-impact message that results in immediate benefits for your organization. We will also make available to you the latest and most sophisticated training techniques to deal with the media and which are used by international leaders in the political, business, academic, finance, and non-profit arenas.

You can't be a successful leader in the 21st century without being able to communicate well. We will teach you to communicate effectively when dealing with the media and other stakeholder audiences, and also to defend yourself from negative attacks from the media. The wealth of information Pablo Gato acquired during his 30-year long career as a journalist will decisively contribute to your business or organization by making you a great communicator.
Some of the objectives in our courses will enable you to:

  • Speak with authority and simplify your message.
  • Answer questions with a clear and effective message.
  • Learn a methodology that will let you reply successfully to any question, no matter how difficult or hostile it may be. Even during ambush interviews.

  • Figure out the traps set by hostile media and how to neutralize them successfully.
  • Learn how to defend yourself during ambush interviews.
  • Understand journalists' needs to then make them your allies.
  • Learn one Communications Strategy: how to elevate the profile of those projects and issues about which you are interested.
Our courses:

  • Are tailor-made for your organization (for large and small groups, in Spanish or English), based on in-depth research of your organization's interests and issues.
  • Include exhaustive hands-on exercises and on-camera interviews.
  • Provide you with individualized feedback from the most respected communications professionals.
  • One and a-half day agenda
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  • Unique methodology
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After our training you will never again feel intimidated before the cameras or a microphone. On the contrary, the media will become invaluable allies as you transmit your message.

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