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Pablo Gato

CEO of Gato Communications
An experienced leader in the communications arena, both at the corporate and institutional levels, as well as in the field of journalism.

Pablo Gato

CEO of Gato Communications

Pablo Gato, CEO of Gato Communications, has a 30-year long career as a journalist, 22 of those years on television as a national and international correspondent, producer and news director.

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His extensive experience enables him to identify what kinds of stories the press is really interested in. This allows him to effectively advise his clients about how to obtain the maximum amount of positive media coverage. This will give your organization a clear advantage over your competitors.

His work on national networks such as Telemundo, NBC, CBS, CNN and Telenoticias has made Gato one of the best-known and respected journalists in Hispanic households throughout the United States and Latin America. He has covered wars, natural disasters, and a myriad of newsworthy events in over 90 countries. His reports have been watched daily by millions of viewers and earned many awards, including two Emmy® Awards (four nominations) and two Mentions of Honor from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

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Pablo Gato has covered more international conflicts than any other Spanish-speaking journalist in the US Hispanic television market: Iraq; Afghanistan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Israel and the Palestinian territories; the Balkans; El Salvador; Nicaragua; Peru-Ecuador; and the US invasions of Haiti and Panama. Throughout his career Gato has interviewed countless heads of state and world-renowned international political, entertainment, sports, and cultural newsmakers.

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In addition to wars, he has covered a long list of national and international crises, such as the Washington, DC area sniper shootings; the impeachment of President Clinton; the September 11 attack on the Pentagon and the terrorist bombings in Madrid and London; hurricanes such as Andrew in South Florida, Mitch in Central America and Katrina on the Gulf Coast; as well as the anthrax attacks in Washington, DC. His in-depth coverage of these and other major crises at the highest levels enables him to bring a unique perspective and knowledge as to how to best deal with the media during these types of dramatic events.

On the other hand, as CEO of Gato Communications, he has worked closely as an advisor to organizations in the financial, multilateral, NGO, development, educational, and governmental fields, as well as small, medium and large corporations. His experience as a journalist, coupled to his work as a communications advisor in the public and private arenas, position Gato Communications as a leader to advise you about how to communicate clearly, effectively and successfully.

Pablo Gato has the equivalent of a Master's degree in Journalism from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in Spain.

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