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Personalities and political leaders interviewed by Pablo Gato

From presidents to world-renowned performers and athletes as well as business and social leaders

Political Leaders:

Mikhail Gorbachev

last General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR

Condoleezza Rice

US Secretary of State

Carlos Gutiérrez

US Secretary of Commerce

Colin Powell

former US Secretary of State

Al Gore

former US Vice President

Senator Joe Biden

Democratic Party Vice Presidential Candidate

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

former Presidential Candidate

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

former Speaker of the House of Representatives

Senator Ted Kennedy

John Edwards

former US Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate

Bill Richardson

Governor of New Mexico, former US Secretary of

Alberto Gonzales

former US Attorney General

Condoleezza Rice

US secretary of State

John Negroponte

former Director of National Intelligence and current US Under Secretary of State

Javier Solana

European Union Foreign Minister and former Secretary General of NATO

José María Aznar

former Spanish Prime Minister

Vicente Fox

former President of Mexico

José Miguel Inzulsa

OAS Secretary General

Hugo Chávez

President of Venezuela

Carlos Andrés Pérez

former President of Venezuela

Álvaro Uribe

President of Colombia

Andrés Pastrana

former President of Colombia

César Gaviria

former President of Colombia

Óscar Arias

former President of Costa Rica and Nobel Peace Prize winner

José María Figueres

former President of Costa Rica

Leonel Fernández

President of the Dominican Republic

Daniel Ortega

President of Nicaragua

Arnoldo Alemán

former President of Nicaragua

Violeta Chamorro

former President of Nicaragua

Martín Torrijos

former President of Panama

Mireya Moscoso

former President of Panama

Ernesto Pérez Balladares

former President of Panama

Tony Saca

former President of El Salvador

Francisco Flores

former President of El Salvador

Alfredo Cristiani

former President of El Salvador

Carlos Menem

former President of Argentina

Alfonso Portillo

former President of Guatemala

Vinicio Cerezo

former President of Guatemala

Gonzalo Sánchez de Losada

former President of Bolivia

Ricardo Maduro

former President of Honduras

Rafael Leonardo Callejas

former President of Honduras

José Azcana Hoyo

former President of Honduras

Alejandro Toledo

former President of Perú

Julio María Sanguinetti

former President of Uruguay

Teodoro Obian

President of Equatorial Guinea

Raoul Cédras

former head of the Haitian military junta

S.A.R. Felipe, Príncipe de Asturias

heir to the Spanish throne

Reza Pahlavi

son of the last Shah of Iran

Dozens of Members of Congress and Senators


Gabriel García Márquez

writer and Nobel Prize for Literature winner

Anthony Quinn

US actor

Bianca Jagger

Nicaraguan activist

Martin Sheen

US actor

Charlie Sheen

US actor

Emilio Estevez

US actor

Jimmy Smits

US actor

María Conchita Alonso

Venezuelan actress and singer

Bo Derek

US actress

Edward James Olmos

US actor

Alexis Argüello

Nicaraguan boxer, three-time world champion

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